High School vs Club Soccer—Follow Up

A special bonus post!

This week we have a special follow up to the high school vs club soccer discussion from March 5. We posted about high school vs club soccer (see https://d3recruitinghub.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/high-school-soccer-vs-club-soccer/).  and I got the following link regarding legislation in California on high school vs club soccer.  Go to http://cifwatchdog.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/club-soccer-programs-gets-kicked-in-the-rear-by-cif/.

As I said in my post, for my U17 team, we avoid most club activities and competition during the high school season, but apparently in California they need to legislate common sense.  I would love to hear some comments from our California subscribers about this. What sparked this legislation?  What has the reaction been amongst high schools and soccer clubs?  How are the players reacting?  Thanks!


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2 Responses to High School vs Club Soccer—Follow Up

  1. Daniel M Burek says:

    One of the parents in our organization informed me of D3 recruiting website; out of curiosty I checked it out. After a reading through several different articles, I found this website to be extremly informative. Even though our club has a good relationship with several D3 schools; I can see this website as being very useful tool.
    Homer Glen, IL

    • jabrodovsky says:

      Thanks for checking out the D3 Recruiting Hub! Glad you like the site, the aim of the site is to be educational. Please pass along to any other players + parents that you think might benefit from it.

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