Why Do We Want You On Our Team?

When going on a job interview, interviewers frequently ask the question “Tell me about yourself?”  Having been on a lot of job interviews, I have been asked that question many times and until I learned what that question actually meant, I frequently answered it wrong.  This question is not asking for info about you as a person; this question is an opportunity to sell yourself to the person that is hiring you.  Being able to sell your self is a valuable skill to have.

The same is true as a D3 soccer recruit.  When you are visiting campuses and meeting with D3 head coaches that are recruiting you, you need to be able to sell yourself to them.  As a player, student, and person, what are the unique qualities that you have that will make you a successful member of their program?  What can you contribute to the program?

When I meet with recruits, I don’t say “Tell me about yourself?”.  Because they usually come back with “Well what do you want to know?” or they will start telling me about their dog and that they are a senior and they want to study education and so on— stuff I either know already or don’t need to know.  They don’t understand the question, so I stopped asking it.

Instead, I now ask them the question “Why do we want you on our team?”  Most players get somewhat uncomfortable with the directness of this question, but again this is an opportunity for them to sell themselves.  After they answer the question, I explain that D3 soccer is not only about playing soccer, but it is also about learning life lessons/skills and one of those skills is how to sell yourself.  Hopefully, they learned the lesson!

The bottom line is this—Being able to sell yourself is a valuable skill that is important to learn at any age, especially when you are a 17 or 18 year old soccer recruit.  In the ever increasingly competitive space that is D3 soccer, players need to be able to say what they can contribute to the programs that are recruiting them.  In the process they will learn a valuable skill that they use throughout their careers.

Have any of our readers had similar experiences on your recruiting trips?  If you have please feel free to share them below!

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