Communication With D3 Coaches

Time to play NCAA Division III College Recruiting Jeopardy. 

The $500 answer is:  Telephone calls, emails, and faxes.

What are three things that have no restrictions on the number or timing of placement to prospective student athletes for NCAA D3 coaches?  Correct! 

These three forms of communication fall under NCAA Bylaws and specificially related to communication with prospective student athletes.  What that means is D3 soccer coaches CAN call you, email you or fax you no matter whether you are a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman. Keep in mind that the rules are different for D3 and D1/D2. 

This is one of the few advantages that D3 has over their larger D1 and D2 counterparts. We can start communications with prospective student athletes via phone, email and fax as early as their freshmen year in high school.  D1 and D2 schools are more restricted in the timing of their communications with prospects.  If you are trying to build a solid, trusting relationship with a student athlete, the earlier the process starts, the better it is for the coach, so this gives D3 coaches a slight advantage.

The other popular form of communication amongst the high school aged population is of course—- texting.  As those of us with teenagers know, it seems like most teenagers can’t go for an hour without sending a text to someone— it’s like a drug!  And for better or worse, it has become a standard method of communication among that generation.  I as a head college coach use it as the most effective means for communicating with my team.  I get a better response with texting my team than sending email or making phone calls.

However, per NCAA Bylaw 13.02.10, emails and faxes are the ONLY electronic forms of communication permissible at the D3 level.  No text messaging is permissible.  Right or wrong, that is the rule that D3 coaches must follow.  I will frequently get text messages from prospects, which I will then return with a phone call since a text message back (while easier and more likely to be read) is in conflict with NCAA rules.

The bottom line is this—-D3 coaches can call, email or fax prospective student athletes with no restrictions.  So if you call and leave a message, you can expect a call back even if you are not yet a senior.  However, text messaging is not a method that we can use, despite it being popular amongst student athletes.

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Everyone have a great and safe 4th of July!


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