Things to Help Yourself During the Recruiting Process

Recently at, they had an article about the “Top 10 Things You Can Do To Help Yourself During The Football Recruiting Process”.  At the Hub, we figured they were just using the European term for soccer, but turns out they weren’t.  However, we read the article anyway.

Even though it is about American football at the D1 or D2 level, there are many things that apply to D3 soccer recruiting as well.  If you want to get yourself noticed by D3 coaches, here are some tidbits we adapted from their article.

1) Perform your best at competitions- Coaches are there to judge you at competitions, whether it is a high school, club or college showcase game.  Always perform your best when college coaches are watching—and you never know when they are watching!  So always work hard, no matter what the score of the game is or how much time is left— always do your best.

2) Academics- As we have said before, there is a LOT of academic scholarship money available across the country at the D3 level.  Try for a 4.0 GPA and max out on your ACT or SAT scores.  If you need a little extra help, get it!  The return on investment can be enormous.

3) Academics (again)- If you want to get into a top flight academic D3 school like University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins or Emory, you are going to need outstanding academics.  That includes GPA and board scores.  Remember D3 squarely puts the emphasis on the STUDENT-athlete.  You are a student first, athlete second.

4) Extracurricular- If you are looking to get into some of the higher end D3 schools, you are likely going to need to do more than just perform well academically.  They are looking for service to your community, volunteer activities and other service type projects that show you are a well rounded individual and not just a smart soccer player.

5) Overall behavior- Do you have good references from your coaches?  Nobody, especially at the D3 level, wants a player that is going to cause problems with their team either on the field or off it.  How is your track record in that area?  College coaches will find out sooner or later- they may find out after you have already made the team, which will make for a challenging four years.

The bottom line is this—most elements within the recruiting process are within your own control.  It is up to you to put in the time and effort to make yourself successful.  The hardest part is deciding that you can do it!  Once you have started down that path, things will fall into place and your road will be more clear.

Question to our readers— what are you doing this summer to prepare for the college recruiting process?  Writing applications, tutoring for SATs/ACTs, visiting campuses, working on soccer skills/working out, nothing (I am just enjoying the summer).  Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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Last but not least—- in the Women’s World Cup Final—go USA!


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