Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Across the country, there are a wide range of NCAA D3 soccer programs for men and women—some are very strong programs and others are much less talented.  Some feature schools that can compete with D1 and D2 level teams, while others are not good enough to beat a solid high school squad. As we talked about before, making that jump from high school to D3 college soccer is tough (see the previous post OMG I M @ C!), but one way to set your expectations is to attend some games.

At campuses across the country, D3 players have been going through pre-season practices and scrimmages to get ready for the upcoming season.  At some campuses, coaches have to make cuts for players that are not good enough to make the team while at others they are happy to have enough healthy bodies to field a team.

If you are thinking about attending a D3 school and playing soccer, do you know what category the team falls into?  Is a highly competitive program that is seeking strong, experienced players or is it a struggling program that will be glad to take on any players that walk through the doors.  The best way for you to find out is to attend a game in person.

See for yourself what the team is like.  How good are they?  Are you good enough to play for the team?  Or is the program so weak that you want a more competitive program to be a part of?

You also have to be honest with yourself.  Am I good enough to play on that competitive program?  Can I make the cut?  Do I want to play competitive soccer or do I just want to have fun with it?  Ask your high school coach or club coach to come along with you to watch the game and ask for his/her unbiased opinion.  Can you envision me playing here?

The bottom line is this— you don’t want to get your expectations shattered in the first week of your college experience by finding out that you are not good enough to make the cut.  Go out and see the team play and have a good idea  whether you are talented enough to be a part of the program.  Ask people who you trust to give you feedback.  Ask the college coach as well, if they have seen you play, they may be able to give you a good idea.

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