Background Checks of Players

Let me be selfish for a minute and say that recruiting players to the college level (especially the D3 level) is a lot of hard work.  You spend a lot of weekends going to soccer tournaments and a lot of evenings making phone calls and sending emails.  It is a beast that always needs to be fed!

To be successful at the D3 college level, successful recruiting is of the utmost importance.  One of the most important goals for a D3 college recruiter is to not only get good quality soccer players, but also to get players of good character.

But how do college coaches learn about your character?  It is easy to watch a player in a game and see if you are fast or slow, technically skilled or not, and making good tactical decisions, but how much of your character does that reveal?  What tools do college coaches have available to them to learn about this?

Recently there was an article on the Recruiting 101 website (See about how D1 and D2 schools do this and it is not much different that what happens at the D3 level.  The exception is the resources that D3 coaches have available.

For the most part, it is the D3 head coach that is making the phone calls to your high school coach, club coach, or other references.  This involves a lot of time on the phone or exchanging emails to gather information.  However it is a critical part of the recruiting process because it can make a huge difference on a team.  Just as one rotten apple will spoil the bunch, one player that does not fit in well with the team can ruin the team as well.  This can destroy team chemistry and affect everyone’s level of play.

The bottom line is this— while it is impossible to get to know a player’s personality completely, college coaches will try to gather as much information as they can to get to know you as a person.  At the D3 level, this can be equally important to how good of a player you are.

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