More High School Versus Club Soccer

The debate rages on in the United States about the merits of high school soccer versus club soccer.  As we discussed in the post “High School Soccer vs Club Soccer” there are pros and cons for each and the debate is far from over.  From a D3 recruiting perspective, college coaches are using both of these venues to recruit players, so each has merit.  See our Survey Results page.

The latest article comes from Mike Barr Director of Coaching for Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association.  He recently posted “The case for high school soccer” in Soccer America about high school soccer and how US Soccer Developmental Academy Teams will soon be telling players on their teams NOT to play high school soccer.

The article has some salient points especially where he states:

“It seems within youth soccer ideas are implemented with little thought, time, trials or research. We have become a soccer country that relies on the innovations of other countries without coming up with ideas of our own that reflect our society and culture.”

However, other points he makes regarding quality of coaching, player development, and competition at each level, I find more challenging to agree with and harder to swallow.  What is interesting is Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer recently partnered with the MLS’ Philadelphia Union to collaborate on a youth development format.  See “Union, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer collaborate on youth development format.”

So, the debate rages on—high school soccer versus club soccer.  What do you think?  Add your comments below or drop us a line  Thanks for reading!


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