The Big Decision- Part I

As we look ahead to March, it is once again time for March Madness and by that we don’t mean the NCAA college basketball tournament, but that time of year when colleges start to send out acceptance letters to high school seniors and families start scrambling to make a decision on which school their son or daughter will be attending in the fall.

All of your recruiting efforts, as well as the recruiting efforts of D3 college coaches, start to come to fruition as we head into March and April.  At this time, you are going to have to make a decision about which college you will be selecting from the list of the schools that have recruited you (and you have been been recruiting).  It can be a difficult decision for many players and families.

Did you get in?

First of all, maybe you did not get accepted into your first choice college.  You had your heart set on attending a particular school, but they rejected you for one reason or another.  At the more highly selective D3 colleges, this is the exception rather than the rule.  Take a look at these acceptance rates for some highly selective D3 colleges and universities.

School 2010 Acceptance Rate1
Amherst College 15%
Swarthmore College 16%
University of Chicago 18%
Haverford College 26%


Chances are, if you applied to one of these schools, you did not get accepted.  You are  going to be looking at your second or third choice school.  Hopefully when you were applying to schools, you had your “fallback” school.  While getting rejected can be upsetting, it can also work out well.  My oldest son was rejected by his number one school, picked his number two school, and has been very happy there ever since.  Call it karma or fate or just things happening for a reason, this can be that kind of situation.  Learn to make lemonade out of lemons.

Can you afford it?

There is no question that the cost of higher education in the USA has been dramatically increasing year after year.  This upswing has put higher education out of the reach of many Americans.  Many D3 colleges (like the ones listed above), are private institutions that come with hefty price tags.  Compared to much more economical state schools, students are between a rock and a hard place if they want to choose a private institution and can’t afford it.

Do you want to take on the burden of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt coming out of college?  Or do you want to go to a college with a lower price tag? Many are splitting the difference and starting at community colleges or less expensive state schools for their first year (or two), taking required core courses, and then transferring to the school of their choice.

One issue you can face here is with credits transferring— or rather not transferring.  You do not want to spend one or two years at one college and then try to transfer to another college only to find that your credits (or a portion) won’t transfer.  You will have to make up those credits to graduate which will cost you more time and money.

In our next post, we will continue to examine more concerns and questions surrounding the Big Decision.  In the meantime, add your comments below or drop us a line with specific questions.

Thanks for reading!


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