Summer, Summer, Summer

What are you doing this summer?  When it comes to being a student-athlete looking to be recruited by NCAA D3 college coaches, there is plenty to do.  If you are in high school as a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you should be working on getting recruited by college coaches.  If you finished your senior year and have your school picked out, you should be physically and mentally preparing for your first season.

For high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors you need to be working on getting recruited.  There are plenty of things to do in that regard.  First continue to work and develop to become a better player.  The better you are as a player, the more attention that you are likely to receive.  Second, keep those grades up!  If you are a strong player with good grades and board scores, you will get even more attention.

If you have not started your soccer resume, start writing one.  If you have one written, be sure to update it with any new, important information.  For tips on writing your soccer resume be sure to read  “Building A Soccer Resume…” and “Your Soccer Resume”.  Start making a list of schools that interest you and take visits.  Keep refining and updating that list as you go.

Start sending cover letters out to the coaches of college programs that interest you.  Invite them to come watch you play at any of your summer tournaments.  When you visit the school, try to make an appointment with the coach.  If any of these coaches is running or attending summer soccer camps, see if you can get to those camps to be seen by them.

If you have graduated high school and have your college locked up for the Fall, now is the time to begin preparing for the season.  Fitness is a huge part of college soccer and most college coaches will send incoming players and returning players a fitness program to follow over the summer.  Being physically fit and ready to go is very important for incoming players as it can often be their make or break season.

Not only is the physical side important, but mental preparation is important too.  Going to most college teams you will now be surrounded by players who are good players and know their coach and the college game.  Many incoming freshmen are used to being starters, playing all the time and being among the best players on their team.  Now being on a college team where their role changes, can be psychologically challenging for young players.  Overcoming this hurdle can be difficult if not prepared.

The bottom line is this— There is always preparation to be done whether you are getting ready for your first year in college or preparing yourself to make that jump to the next level.  The more effort and hard work a student-athlete puts into it, the better the results will be.

Happy Memorial Day— Be sure to take a moment to honor those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our country.

Thanks for reading!

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