Things To Do To NOT Get Recruited

Usually at the Hub we talk about ways to get recruiting attention from NCAA Division III college coaches.  Recently, there was a great article in Recruiting 101 called “Ten things to do if your goal is to not get recruited by college coaches“.  So in this week’s post, we present the “D3 Recruiting Hub’s Top Ten List Of Things To Do To Not Get Recruited By D3 Soccer Coaches”.  REMEMBER— these are things NOT TO DO!!!!

#1-Don’t worry about academics.  First and foremost, NCAA Division III has a primary focus on academics.  So if you don’t want to get recruited, then do poorly academically.  This is both with your high school GPA and standardized tests (SAT/ACT).  Also, don’t take any Honors or AP classes.

#2- Don’t work too hard on improving your game.  Even if you are an average soccer player, if you get your mind right, you can improve.  But to avoid being recruited, don’t do any extra training on your own away from high school or club practice.  Do the bare minimum that you have to do to skate on through your high school years.  Don’t spend any time lifting weights, doing extra running in the off-season or working with a ball.

#3- Be a selfish player.  Only think about yourself and getting “what you are entitled to”.  Don’t worry about making your teammates look good, just think about how your game looks on the field.  And be sure to criticize your teammates when they make mistakes—loudly.

#4- Be disrespectful to the referees/assistant referees.  Question every call they make.  Yell at them at every opportunity.  Treat them as if it should be their privilege to officiate “your” game.  And don’t shake hands with them after the game.

#5- Do not contact any coaches.  D3 college coaches are all omniscient mind-readers and know which players are interested in attending their schools, so why waste your time and energy contacting them— they already know….right?

#6- Do not follow up with any coaches.  When you get an email or phone call from a D3 coach, do not bother returning it.  Again it is just a waste of your time, they know that you am interested and will come banging down your door when the time is right.

#7- Do not visit any college campuses.  All D3 schools are the same, so what is the point in going to visit any of them?  They are all small and all the facilities they have are the same.  Ditto for majors.  Why waste your time.

#8- Let your parents take charge of getting you recruited.  Dad is in sales so he knows how to sell ice to the polar bears, so he should be best suited to sell you to college coaches, not you— right?  Mom and Dad should handle all of the phone calls and emails and visits.  You should just sit back and make a choice—let them write the check.

#9- Make sure your high school and club coaches don’t know anything about any of the colleges that you are of interest to you.  Keep them out of the loop.  Just send them your picture in your new uniform on your new college team.  They will love it!

#10- Ignore any advice that get from anyone that has any idea about the college recruiting process.  Who knows better than YOU how the college recruiting process works— NOBODY!!!  Of course you know everything, so why do you need any advice from anyone else.  Your former teammates (now in college), your siblings, your family members, your family friends, the people your parents know, your high school coaches, your club coaches, your guidance counselors, your high school teachers, your neighbors—- none of them know anything about what you are experiencing so why bother asking for their input.

The bottom line is this— these are things to AVOID doing during the recruiting process, so make sure that you are not doing these things.  If you have any others to add, please leave us a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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