When Do I Visit?

It is very important that student-athletes get a chance to visit several colleges before they make their decision about which NCAA college or university they want to attend and play soccer for after high school.  Moreover, student-athletes should try and visit the schools on their list more than once (when possible- financially, logistically, etc.) to see each school at different times of year.  It is like they say when buying real estate— see the house when it is sunny and see it when it is raining.  Each visit gives a slightly different perspective.

If you are a high school soccer player looking to get into college at an NCAA Division III program, the soccer preseason is a great time of year to visit schools on your list.  Most NCAA Division III colleges are starting preseason practices this week; all the focus and all the energy is on playing soccer and getting ready for the upcoming season.  While academics are important, these practices take place before classes start.

While you may be busy with your own high school preseason practices, you should try to make some time to try and get out and visit some of the colleges on your list.  Compare what a college preseason schedule is like (practices, weight training, meetings, etc.) with your high school preseason.  How does it stack up?  Will you be ready for the challenge?

The bottom line is this—If you can carve out some time during an NCAA Division III college team’s preseason practice schedule, that presents a great opportunity to see the school without the normal hustle and bustle of a college campus.  You can see the coaches and players really focused on playing soccer and what that would be like.  More importantly, you can see if that would be an environment where you feel that you would be successful!

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