What Are The “New” Things That You Have To Adjust To? – Summary

Over the last five weeks we looked at many of the transitional aspects that freshmen face when starting out in their college careers at an NCAA Division III college soccer program.  The move from high school soccer to NCAA Division III college soccer is quite challenging in both on and off the field changes.

From new team dynamics to changes in playing time to a new coaching staff there are many changes that a player faces on the field as a student-athlete.  Playing at a higher level and going against more talented players in games and in practice can be challenging to a student-athlete’s psyche.

Living away from home with a brand-new roommate and taking on new responsibilities can also be a new experience for student-athletes that have not been away from home before.  The demands of a more rigorous academic schedule can also be stressful when combined with playing a collegiate soccer.

Plus all those new things that you experience when you go away to college can be overwhelming at times.  Making new friends, having new experiences, and just being away from home can all be daunting.

However, don’t be discouraged in any way!  If you are prepared and ready to meet all of those challenges you can push yourself as a student-athlete to become the best.  For the NCAA Division III student-athlete, the reason why you are at college is for the academics, so you need to be focused on that area in order to be successful in school and beyond.

It is a matter of being mentally, physically, and psychologically prepared to take on the challenges.  Knowing the challenges that you may face and being prepared for them, will lead to success.  There may be bumps along the way, but don’t be discouraged.

The bottom line is this— With determination, perserverance, and hard work a student-athlete can meet the challenges that they face when getting to college.  Moreover, the experience of playing college soccer is one that is so very rewarding and will create friendships and memories that last a lifetime.  It is an experience that should not be missed!  Good luck!

As always, thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed the series.  Drop us a line at d3recruitinghub@gmail.com with your comments.


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