Driving The Recruiting Process

Student-athletes, parents and high school/club soccer coaches all have an interest in the NCAA Division III recruiting process.  Student-athletes want to find the school that is the best fit for them, parents want the children to be happy, and high school/club soccer coaches want to see their players succeed at the next level.

With all these important “players” involved in the recruiting process however, who should be the person controlling and leading the process?

While high school/club coaches and parents all have varying degrees of interest in this process, the student-athlete is the one that must be the driving force behind the recruiting process.  A student-athlete’s coach(es) and parent do play an important role and should certainly be there to assist a student-athlete, however they cannot be the ones that control the process.

Does this mean that student-athletes are going to go it alone and do everything themselves?  Absolutely not.  They need coaches (high school and club) to provide guidance through the process using their previous experience.  Coaches can, and need to, serve as references for players when D3 coaches come calling.  Parents also need to pitch in by providing guidance in all aspects of the process for their children, whether it is sending profiles to coaches or taking trips to campuses.

If the student-athlete is going to be the driving force, they have to have an idea of where they are going.  The student-athlete does not have to know exactly what they are going to do for college, but they have to formulate ideas that they can communicate to their recruiting team of parents and coaches.  For example, how will geography and college major figure into the student-athlete’s decision?

The bottom line is this—soccer is a team game and so is the D3 recruiting process.  You as a player need to have your team of parents and coaches all working together to get the best possible result.  Knowing where you want to go and being able to communicate that to the members of your team are keys to success.

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