Book Review- “A Snowball’s Chance”

In this week’s post we have our second annual book review!  In the lazy, hazy days of summer while relaxing on the beach, it is always a good time to take in a good book and this summer’s read is a “A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against The National Media” by Joe Vallee, Dennis Bakay, Matthew J. Goldberg, Ryan Downs, and Billy Vargus the authors of

First off, this book has nothing to do with the NCAA Division 3 recruiting process!   However, it is a great read while sitting in between games at all those soccer tournaments or hanging out at the hotel after a long day on the soccer pitch.  And who amongst us doesn’t need to get away from soccer once in a while and focus on something else?

We here at the Hub are Philadelphia sports fans and this book is spot on with its insight into the mindset of Philadelphia sports fans.  For those of you from other parts of the USA, it may be a little bit harder to relate, but if you have suffered as we have in the City of Brotherly Love and you have a passion for your sports teams like we do in the Delaware Valley, then this book is for you.

The book’s title takes it’s name from an incident that happened over 40 years ago at a professional football game where the home-town Philadelphia fans threw snowballs at Frank Olivio who was dressed up as Santa Claus for the game.  The national media, despite this happening over 40 years ago, still refers to this event anytime something negative happens with Philadelphia sports fans.  In the book, Olivio is interviewed to give his account of the story where he basically agrees with what the fans did!

Additionally, the book takes a look at several other incidents that have given Philadelphia sports fans a bad reputation to give greater insight into how and why they happened.  Understanding the full story behind these incidents paints a picture of Philadelphia sports fans as passionate and intelligent and willing to express their opinions for better or worse!

The authors do not paint everything with rose-colored glasses however.  There are a few incidents that they recount (booing an injured player, an attack on an opposing fan, and the infamous Barfman) that they admit are inexcusable actions by knuckle-headed fans that only serve to perpetuate the poor reputation that has been ingrained into the national media.

Lastly, there are several interviews with players and coaches about their experiences about playing in the City That Loves You Back with both positive and negative accounts.  Some stars were underappreciated while other lesser players were loved by the fans.  The authors delve into the reasons why which reflects upon the culture of the fans of Philadelphia sports teams.

The bottom line is this— “A Snowball’s Chance” is a fun read providing some great insight into the world of sports from the perspective of the media, players, and coaches.  Go out and read it!

“A Snowball’s Chance” is available at Amazon.

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