Things To Do In The Offseason

At the NCAA Division III collegiate level, soccer recruiting is always going on.  But at this time of year, things start to slow down as high school season is over, tournament season is over and coaches are waiting for spring tournament to start up.  So when you are not busy preparing yourself for tourneys or school soccer, what should you be doing?

As we mentioned in the last post, academics are important, so you should always be working on your academics.  Doing well in your high school classes and preparing for your SATs or ACTs are always at the top of the list and should be foremost in your mind.  This should be all year round!

This is a great time to prepare!  If you haven’t started your list of colleges that interest you, then now is the time.  Start researching online or stop in to your school’s guidance/counseling area and do some investigation.  Build your list of potential schools that will be a “right fit” for you- it takes time and effort to find the right one; the sooner you start, the sooner you will find the right one.

If you already have your list, start planning visits.  Find dates that you and your parents are available and check with the college coaches to see when they are available.  Try to get on campus when classes are in session.  In between semesters, college campuses are pretty low on activity, so it is hard to get a feel for what the campus is like.

Prepare your questions.  When you get on campus, you should have questions for the coaching staff.  You should have questions for the players on the team.  You should have questions for the Athletic Department.  You should have questions for the Admissions Department.  You should have questions for the Financial Aid Department.  All of these people that you meet with, you should be asking them questions.  Prepare those questions now, build a list, add to it as needed so you can use them again.

Find out all the deadlines that you need.  If you are a senior and you are still applying to schools, make sure that you know when the deadline is (if the school has one).  Find out the date for all financial aid forms.  Find out the date that housing deposits are due.

Lastly, get started with your paperwork.  If you haven’t started your applications— get started!  Don’t wait on those until the last minute.  Need references?  Start lining up people to be your references.  Got transcripts?  Make sure you know what you need to do to get your transcripts from your high school, how long it takes them to send them out and if there is any cost associated with it.

The bottom line is this— while your not playing or training as much for soccer at this time of year, use this time to prepare, prepare, prepare.  Preparation now will give you time in the spring to focus a little more on soccer.  It pays off in the long run!

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