StarFinder Foundation

The D3 Recruiting Hub is a proud supporter of the StarFinder Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.  Starfinder motivates and challenges children and youth from across Greater Philadelphia through after school and summer programs using soccer as the hook in sports-based youth development practices that promote physical, personal, and academic growth.

Some quick facts—

•95-100% of Starfinder’s regularly attending seniors graduated from high school every year since 2008. (By contrast, Philadelphia’s public high school graduation rate is only 64%.)
•91% of Starfinder’s seniors have continued on to higher education. (Less than half of Philadelphia’s public high school graduates enroll in college. That means that less than one-third of all high school students enroll in college.)

Any and all contributions will help!

Please go to and click on the DONATE and join team Jeremy Brodovsky.  Thanks!!

Jeremy Brodovsky
D3 Recruiting Hub

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