Picking Your School

We are happy to kick off 2016 with our first post of the New Year!

At this time of year, high school seniors have got their college applications in to all those NCAA schools (hopefully!) and now you as a student-athlete are just waiting to hear back from which schools accepted you and which did not.  It is not fun to be just be sitting back and waiting, but it is the situation!

One of the next important steps is going to be making a decision on which school you will choose to attend.  Now if you are a good player and your academics are good, there will be choices and coaches will be congratulating you on getting into their school and asking you to attend their school.

Now always remember- NCAA college coaches are trying to sell you on their program and their school— it is part of their job.  Your job as a student-athlete (or person advising a student-athlete) is to pick the school that is the BEST FIT for you.  This is in terms of academic programs, school size, campus location, finances, etc.  The coach at the school should be on the bottom of your list for selection criteria.


Very simply- coaches have a shelf life.  All coaches will only be a school for so long before they change jobs, move on or are replaced.  It is the nature of the business.  Check out the history of the school’s soccer program to see how frequent the school gets a new coach.  Many NCAA Division III coaches are still part-time!  Shocking and awful, but true.

You may be fortunate in being recruited by a coach who has been at a school for 20 years, has a great track record, and produces great teams.  In that situation, you want to ask how much longer is that coach going to be there!

The bottom line is this—Do not make your choice simply on the soccer coach at the school— that coach may retire, get fired or move on to a  different school at any moment.  Make your choice based on the academics, finances, school population, etc., etc.  All those other things that are way more important.

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