What To Do- Sophomore Year

Last week we discussed what things you should be doing as a Freshman in high school getting ready to be recruited by NCAA Division III colleges for soccer.  This week, we move up a year and will look at what to do as a Sophomore.

The truth of the matter is this— your primary focus still needs to be on academics!  If you did well your freshman year, keep building on that GPA.  If not, then it is time to start boosting your grades.  At NCAA Division III academics is #1 in priority and will give you the most options in terms of school selection and financial reward.

Continue to improve as a soccer player.  You made the transition to high school soccer, now you want to start contributing if you have not already.  Make yourself competitive!  Improve the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

Depending on where and what team you play for, you may start getting some attention from college coaches.  For instance if you play on a club team with juniors and seniors, the college coaches may be coming to see those players play, but if you are good enough, they may notice your  game as well.

You may also want to consider the club team that you play for.  Is the team competitive enough? Is it playing in enough tournaments that college coaches attend so I can get recruited?  Can I play for a better team?  Do I want to play for a better team or do I just want to play where I am comfortable?  What would it cost me (and family) in terms of time, money and quality of life?

These are all important considerations and things to ask yourself and discuss with your family.  As a potential NCAA Division III soccer player, you are not going to get an athletic scholarship, so consider your quality of life versus your determination to play soccer.

The bottom line is this— sophomore year and you now only have three years left.  Time goes by quickly.  Keep your focus on the academics, keep improving your soccer abilities, and start to think about getting more exposure with more competitive teams.

As always thanks for reading!  Questions? Comments?  Drop us a line at d3recruitinghub@gmail.com.


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