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The NCAA Division III soccer recruiting process is a confusing, difficult and challenging process for students and their families to negotiate their way through.  It is much less structured than Division I or II.

The D3 Recruiting Hub is the #1 source for information about the NCAA Division III soccer recruiting process.  We have been helping educate students, parents and their families about the recruiting process with articles for the last six years.

But we at the Hub know that you have individual questions that need to be answered for your specific situation.  For this reason, the D3 Recruiting Hub, in addition to our library of articles, is offering FREE telephone consultations.

Telephone consultations will best answer your individual questions and help you meet your specific needs.  Here is what some of our clients are saying about their recent telephone consultations:

The D3 Recruiting Hub has a wealth of information that is helpful for any stage of the recruiting process. We did a telephone consultation with the D3 Recruiting Hub and they shared valuable insights from the coaches’ point of view as we looked to narrow down some college options.

– Anne, Michigan

I want to thank the D3 Recruiting Hub for their quick response for my information request. They answered all my questions on the D3 early decision process. They were very patient and made sure that I totally understood the process. Their knowledge of the D3 recruiting process was impressive and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks again for helping us out.

-Tom, Pennsylvania

Do you have individual questions?  Are you looking for more information?  If so, then it is time for you to get a FREE consultation.  Drop us a line at and we can set something up.

Thanks for reading the D3 Recruiting Hub!


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