Which Tournaments Do College Coaches Attend?

It is summer time— time for summer vacations, summer camps and summer soccer recruiting tournaments!  There are tourneys all over the country for NCAA Division III college coaches to attend, so the question becomes, which tournaments do college coaches attend?

First and by far most important is knowing which high school players are attending a particular event.  College coaches will go to tourneys to see players play, that is the most important factor in getting them to attend an event.  Now that does not necessarily mean if one tournament has 300 players attending and another has 500 players, that a college coach will choose the second one.

The key factor is which tourney has more players attending that a college coach is recruiting or wants to recruit.  This is the primary driver that will bring college coaches to tourneys and other events as well.   It is not simply how many players will be at an event, it is how many recruited players will be at an event.

Remember, most NCAA Division III college athletic programs have limited resources.  This includes limited resources for recruiting, so coaches cannot attend every event.  They have to pick and choose.

If you and your team are attending an event, you need to make sure that you let college coaches know in advance.  If your club team is well-run and organized, you will probably have your schedule months in advance.  That is great!  Send an email to the college coaches for the schools that you are interested in attending letting them know that you will be certain events.

It doesn’t have to be a long email, just give them the basic details and be sure to personalize it!!!  Obviously, you as a recruited high school soccer player are getting recruited by more than one college program—college coaches know that.  Just make sure that when you email the coaches, you personalize it for each coach.  That is, don’t send out a massive email to 20 coaches (cc’ing all of them) with your tourney schedule.  Or worse yet, send an email to Coach A and then resend the same email to Coach B without changing the greeting, school name, etc., etc.

The bottom line is this— college coaches will go to the events where they know they will see the most players that they are recruiting or trying to recruit.  So be sure to send them your schedules so you get on their radar!

If you need to get in touch with college coaches, use COLLEGE COACHES ONLINE.  

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